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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

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Marco Polo describes Sri Lanka as the first most beautiful island in the world, and it contains a history of thousands of years back. There are some best places to visit in Sri Lanka as there is is a lot of natural beauty in this country.

You can also explore the jungles, temples, beaches and tea plantations in Sri Lanka. The top 10 best places to visit in Sri Lanka are as follows:

Top Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

1. Sigiriya Ruins

A breathtaking landscape surrounds the ancient Sigiriya rock it is also renowned as the lion’s rock.  It is a rock fortress that situates in the district of Matale.

The travelers can enjoy climbing up to the ancient ruins. The ponds, gardens and magnificent frescos surround the ancient ruins of Sigiriya.

2. Great Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka

The Adam’s park is very tall and pointed mountain in the center of Sri Lanka. It is an extended biological site. The common pilgrimage is about 2,243 meters ascending route to the religion of Buddhists.

It is also famous about this place that there is present an impression of the footprint of Buddha close to the summit. You can arrive at the top of the mountain to see the amazing sunrise.

3. Galle

You can take a break from your work by visiting a colonial city, Galle. The Galle town is prosperous of incredible views of seaside and attractive villas. You can see a world heritage site inside the fort of the Galle. The Galle fort is one of the largest sea Fort in Asia. It built by the occupiers of Europe.

The other multiple places inside the Galle include the Galle international stadium, St. Mary’s Cathedral and the natural harbor. The International Stadium is the most picturesque ground for cricket.

4. Yala National Park

If you want to see the big cats then Yala National Park is the best place to visit. Here, you can find higher concentration of leopards of the world. It is also a habitat for aquatic birds and elephants of Sri Lanka.

There are multiple monkeys, crocodiles, and other critters that run around the grassy plains or forest areas. The location of the park is around the southeastern coast of the island.

5. Polonnaruwa

You can see numerous excellent examples of the architecture and the ancient Sinhalese art in Polonnaruwa. Several ruins of statues, temples, tombs and other archaeological sites are well preserved, and they are present in the town.

Polonnaruwa was the capital of island in the past. It is also known religious hub as well as a commercial area in the country.

6. Bentota

The Bentota consist of luxury hostels, untouched beauty and magnificent beaches, as it is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka. You can spend a day at the Bentota beach, have a glimpse at the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery, or you can also find peace in the Buddhist temple of Galapatha Raja Maha Vihara.

Bentota is the hot spot for travelers, you can able to participate in various activities like water sports, and helicopter rides, etc.

7. Kandy

The exact location of the Kandy is on a plateau surrounded by the highland mountains. It is a world heritage site, and you can visit to get a taste of Sinhalese culture, most probably when you visit this place during the summer festival of Esala Perahera.

You can also visit the Temple of the Tooth, which holds the Buddha’s tooth, built during the 4th century.

8. Nuwara Eliya

Another plateau which is known as Little England and surrounded by the high mountains, the Nuwara Eliya. It has the ancient British buildings, for example, hills, waterfalls, towering Pidurutalagala and the tea plantations.

The tallest mountain present in Sri Lanka is Pidurutalagala. One of the tea plantation areas in Sri Lanka is the Nuwara Eliya. It is one of the most significant spots for the plantation of tea in Sri Lanka. Whenever you visit this place, don’t forget to have a cup of tea in the most famous area.

9. Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is the best place to spend the best day or to catch the surf brakes. It is exact location to surf is the central point (located on the south side).

You can also watch the historic temples of the town whenever you want a break from the sea air and sun.

10. Dambulla

The largest town Dambulla contains an extensive collection of Buddhist artwork, which includes shrines, murals, and statues. It is the best place to visit in Sri Lanka as this place tells the stories of Buddha’s life by the sculptures and the paintings.

These are some of the attractive and best places to visit in Sri Lanka. Each location has its charm and beauty. You will never forget the beauty of every single place


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