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10 Amazing Places to Visit in Philippines in 2018

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Need a list of best places to visit in Philippines in 2018? We are going to share amazing places in Philippines where you should go, visit and enjoy your vacations.

Philippines is a Southeast Asian country, comprising more than 7 thousand islands and these island are the best destination points for international tourists. According to Rappler (a leading social news network), 3.7 million foreign visitors arrivad in the first half of 2018.

Last year, 3.3 million people arrived in Philippines. From January to June of 2018, the arrival of expats has been increased by 10.4%. It means that the tourism industry is growing in the country and people from all around the world are visiting Philippines to discover it’s amazing and beautiful places.

Here, we’re going to share best places in Philippines so that you can make your travel plans accordingly.

Top Places to Visit in Philippines

1. Huma Island, Palawan

This is one of the beautiful and best places where you can go. Huma Island is an awesome place to discover the nature. It has numbers of resorts, accommodations and an attractive beach. Here, you can get world class facilities and you’ll definitely enjoy it.

2. Camiguin

Campiguin is another famous place in Philippines. This is basically another island and it is also known as the Island Born of Fire. In this island, you’ll get a chance to see volcanoes like Mount Hibok-Hibok, Mount Mambajao, Mount Vulcan, Mount Uhay. The interesting fact about this island is that it has the most volcanoes for square KM in the world.

3. Coron, Palawan

Do you want to go a such place where you can avoid crowd and noise of city population? Look no more. Coron should be listed in your diary. It is another one of the most beautiful places to visit in Philippines. It is a spectacular tropical paradise that will force you to say Wow.

For nomads and nature lovers, it is the best destination to spend vacations and take amazing photographs. If you go there, you’ll see colorful corals, underwater wreks and much more.

4. Cebu, City

If you love history and art, Cebu should be in your travel list. Here you will see a great collection of historic monuments like Fort San Pedro, Casa Gorordo, Magellan’s Cross and the Lapu Lapu Monument.

At the same time, you can also shopping malls and restaurants because in this city, there are lots of shopping malls and restaurants where you can buy things at affordable prices.

5. Vigan

It is the country’s first UNECO World Heritage city. The history and culture of this city is amazing. It is basically a historic destination and your one visit will give a new experience and get a chance to get to know about intriguing colonial past and the culture of the Philippines. A worth visiting place is 17th century Augustinian Cathedral.

6. Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

For scuba divers, Tubbataha Reefs is heaven. It is also the best dive sites in the world to explore under water aquatic world.

If you want to explore that world, this place should be in your top of the list because you can see coral reefs, sharks, clownfish, mantra rays, lionfish and the endangered hawksill see turtles.

UNESCO also declared this place as World Heritage site. Apart from aquatic species, here you can also dozens of bird species.

7. Mount Polag, Luzon,

For nature lovers and adventurists, Mount Pulag is a worth visit place in Philippines. If you are planning for hiking trip, visit Mount Pulag. You’ll definitely enjoy it at the same time, you will also see the sea of clouds and Milky way galaxy at day break.

8. Bohol

Bohol is a fantastic place with lots of Chocolate Hills. It is one of the most iconic sights in the Philippines. In dry seasons, all green grasses turn into brown and it looks like the land of chocolate. Apart from beautiful hills, this place is also famous for wildlife for, rivers, old churches, and awesome beaches.

9. Langun Gobingob Caves in Samar

This place has tons of caves and Langun Gobingob caves have the largest caving system in the country. The cave is so big and huge, you can setup a complete soccer fields. If you are planning to visit Philippine, note down this name in your destinations list.

10. Manila

Manila is the capital city and it should be in your list of travel destinations. It is also the top capitals in Asia famous for culture. Despite from few faults and drawbacks such as over populations, traffic jams, it is considered as the thriving economy. You’ll love its restaurants, nightlife and galleries.

There are several other places we still didn’t mention in this list but soon we’ll add more best places to visit in Philippines. Keep visiting ServiceWish.


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