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25+ Best Places to Visit in Pakistan in 2018

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Pakistan is portrayed in a very different way in the news channels and other media platforms. The reality is that the country has lots of things in it other than terrorism, corruption and other negative energies. But on the other side, Pakistan has lots of places that are great attractions for the tourists. Foreigners from different parts of the world come to visit Pakistan and they literally fall in love with the beautiful sceneries in the Northern areas of the country.

There is a variety of places that you can visit in Pakistan from mountains, meadows, rivers, lakes and glaciers to deserts, museums and historical places. Some of the best places to visit in Pakistanare discussed below; you must go through them if you are planning to visit the country.

Top Places to Visit in Pakistan

1. Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir

Neelum Valley is one of the most beautiful and worth visiting places in Azad Kashmir. There are a number of streams of fresh water, green trees and mountains and lots of splendid sights. Many waterfalls are seen to be falling down from the high mountains, splashing against the huge rocks. The river Neelum is also a great spot for tourists’ attraction in the valley.

2. Hunza Valley

Hunza valley is located in the district of Gilgit. This place is like heaven on Earth. Not just the scenery of the place, but the people of Hunza make it more and more beautiful. They are very courteous and loving. It is an amazing and delightful place of the country. Within Hunza, there are various places that are must visited by the people who come to Hunza. They include Altit and Baltit forts, Eagle nest view point, etc. From the eagle nest view point, some of the most popular peaks of the world including Lady Finger and Rakaposhi peaks are clearly viewed.

3. Ratti Gali Lake

Ratti Gali Lake is also located in Azad Kashmir. It is an amazing place to visit. People mostly like to camp in the surrounding areas of the lake and explore the localities. The natural beauty of the lake is admired by a great number of foreigners coming from different parts of the world. It is one of the top places to visit in Pakistan.

4. Khunjrab Pass

Khunjrab Pass is basically the border between Pakistan and China. It is located in the Karakoram Mountains. Chinese are seen on the other side of the border. The visitors have to cross the main areas of Gilgit Baltistan in order to reach Khunjrab Pass. There are two main routes going towards Gilgit Baltistan, i.e. through Babusar Top and through Bishaam. The scenery is very beautiful throughout the way to Khujrab Pass.

5. Skardu

Skardu is also located in the northern side of Pakistan. It is another splendid and one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan. There are lots of amazing places to visit in Skardu including Upper Kachoora Lake, Lower Kachoora Lake, Shigar Fort, Shangrilla Resort, etc. All these places are the major attractions for the tourists coming from different parts of the world.

6. Fairy Meadows

The German Climbers named the place Fairy Meadows. It is lovely grassland located in the district of Diamer. The tourists have to do a long hike in order to reach the place. The trekking can exceed for around 4-5 hours. However, the track is full of greenery and the tourists enjoy the hectic hike rather than getting exhausted.

7. Saif-ul-Malook Lake

This beautiful and incredible lake is located in the northern side of the Kaghan Valley. Whenever the visitors go there, they get a round of the lake in the boat. Meanwhile, the boat-man tells them interesting stories/fictions about the lake and the fairies. It is one of the best places to visit in Pakistan.

8. Deosai

Deosai is one of the most beautiful and breath-taking meadows of Pakistan. It is located in the district of Astore in Gilgit Baltistan. The people who go to visit Skardu must not miss visiting this place and admiring its beauty. Green grass and colorful flowers are found all around the meadow. Another interesting fact about Deosai is that it is the world’s highest plateau.

9. Rama Meadow

Rama Village is around eleven kilo-meters away from Astore. The meadow gives a breath-taking view. Cows and sheep are always seen there grazing in the green land peacefully. The ice-covered peak of Chongra in the background multiplies the beauty of the place.

10. Siri Paye

Shogran is always one of the favorite places of the tourists coming to Pakistan from different parts of the world. Siri Paye is one of the major attractions of the place for the foreigners. Anyone visiting Paye surely observes the game of Peak-a-boo that the nature plays. Sometimes the weather becoming a bit sunny, at other times it becomes cloudy all of a sudden.

11. Rohtas Fort

Rohtas Fort is one of the famous historical places of Punjab, Pakistan. It is located near the city named Jhelum. The fort was built during the reign of the Afghan ruler named Sher Shah Suri. The fort has twelve gates in total and all the gates are built using the ashlar stone. The people who love history find this place heaven.

12. Thar Desert

Thar Desert is completely different from the other areas of the country. The most fascinating thing about Pakistan’s geography is its versatility. Some people would be shocked to know that deserts are also found in Pakistan, but that’s the truth. Thar is one of the important places of Sindh, Pakistan. The people of Thar have very simple lifestyles and they mostly live in their mud houses.

13. Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro greatly depicts the cultural heritage of the local city that is located around 580 km away from Karachi, i.e. the capital of Sindh and the largest and a very important city of Pakistan. The meaning of Mohenjo daro is “Hill of the dead”. The history of this place was started around five thousand years ago.

14. Harappa

Harappa was also a very old city that later on got destroyed just like Mohenjo Daro. However, the ruins of the city are still there and people from different parts of the world come to visit the place especially the people who are more interested in history. The people of bothe Mohenjo Daro and Harappa were very civilized people.

15. Ziarat

Ziarat is one of the popular occasion resorts of Pakistan that is located in the province of Baluchistan. It was the residential area of the great leader of the Muslims of Pakistan, named Quaid-e-Azam at the time of his death. The slopes all around this place are pleasant and attractive. Every year, many people go to Baluchistan to visit the place.

16. Badshahi Mosque

Lahore is a very popular city of Pakistan that is full of cultural heritage and that depicts the true colors of the province of Punjab. Here, Badshahi Mosque is located that is one of the greatest historical buildings of the country. The mosque was built during the reign of the Mughal emperors. The mosque is entirely made from red sandstones and marble. It is one of the most well-known historical places of Punjab, Pakistan.

17. Pir Sohawa

Pir Sohawa is a marvelous visitors’ spot. It is located on the Margalla Hills of Islamabad. Many families gather at this place just to relax and have a good time. The weather of this place mostly remains pleasant even during summers. Moreover the view is too beautiful and the atmosphere is very peaceful, so people love to visit this place.

18. Murree

Murree is one of the most prominent urban cities of Pakistan that is actually a mountainous resort town. It is such a place where there is a lot of hustle and bustle each time you visit the place. The reason is that, people love to visit this place in every season and every month of the year. There is a famous Mall Road of Murree where there is lots of shops and other spots of entertainment.

19. Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur is a princely state of the Punjab. There are lots of historical buildings, parks, monuments, etc. in the city. It is located at the bank of a river named the Sutlej River. Many people visit the city to visit all the historical buildings and other well-known places of the city.

20.  Taxilla

Taxilla is such a city of Pakistan that has a great number of amazing Buddhist establishments in it. The city is located about thirt-five kilo-meters away from Islamabad (the capital city of Pakistan). In the year 1980, Taxilla was designated to be the World’s Heritage Site. It is one of the most interesting places to visit in Punjab, Pakistan.

21. Tharparkar

Tharparkar is another desert area of Pakistan. The tourists visit the place not only for getting a chance to have a look of the sand hills, but also for having an idea about how it feels living in the mud houses surrounded by the camels. It is always a great experience to explore such a place. The Cactus plants as well as the thorny bushes are found in the desert almost everywhere.

22. Multan

Multan is called as “the city of Saints”. It is one of the most important cities of the country. The history of the city includes the impressions of Alexander the Great, Arabs, Ghaznavi, Mongols, Mughals, Afghans, Sikhs, British, etc. Multan is known to be the oldest city in the South Asia.

23. Gwadar

Quetta is the largest city of Baluchistan province. After that, Gwadar is known to be the second largest city of the province. There is a splendid beach in the city. Gwadar port is also getting developed gradually. The most incredible fact about the city is that it also has mountains in it.

24. Bhurben

There is a place named Jhika Galli located in Murree. It takes around twenty minutes to reach Bhurben from Jhika Galli. Lots of visitors get attracted to the place because of the natural beauty and splendid scenery of the place. There is a famous hotel named PC (Pearl continental) that is also situated in the spot. It is another attraction for the tourists because the hotel is built in a beautiful way.

25. Chitral

Chitral is another popular tourists’ spot in Pakistan. It is also located in the northern side of the country. There is this festival called the Shindoor Polo festival that takes place every year in the city. This is the peak time for the tourists to visit the place.

All the above places are the best places to visit in Pakistan. These are just twenty-five famous places. There are hundreds of more places that you must visit in Pakistan. By reading about all the different places in the country, you surely would have got some idea about the versatility of Pakistan.


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