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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Nepal 2018

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If you are interested in activities like kayaking, paragliding, and mountaineering, Nepal offers the most memorable experiences that you can enjoy only in a single tour. There are several best places to visit in Nepal where you can enjoy your peaks.

Top places to visit in Nepal

1. The astonishing Pashupati Nath Temple

This temple is the oldest of all the temples in Nepal. It has got the greatest number of tourists visiting this is located on the edges of Kathmandu (the capital of Nepal). Hindu followers visited this place to get blessed by its supreme divinity. It is one of the most visited and renowned sites in Nepal. This place is worth visiting because of its golden spire, doors having silver coated sheets and ligaments.

2. Boudhanath – A famous excursion place

Boudhanath is located very near to Kathmandu about 10 miles away. It is known to be a place of spiritual speculation. More of the visitors are from the local Nepal and Tibet region. It is a magnificent shrine which attracts tourists from all over the is precisely known for the prayer wheel Tibetan gompas and amazing momos.

3. The fascinating place of Nagarkot

 It is present near the valley of Kathmandu, and it is known to be the most fantastic viewing place due to the nearby Himalayan range. The moments of dawn and dusk at Nagarkot are worth watching. It is worth watching because of mesmerizing Himalayan views, mountain bike racing, and forests of pine.

4. The breathtaking Valley of Pokhara

Pokhara is known to be the real gem of Nepal beauty. It occurs in the middle of the Himalayan range, and this range is renowned for its mountainous views, and this valley becomes the best place for tourist attraction. It is worth visiting because of its underground caves, the mighty waterfalls, glaciers, grassy and leafy forests and the very well-known amazing views of the three mountains.

5. The deep Mahendra cave

To the north side of Pokhara valley, there lies the mighty Mahendra cave known as “Mahendra gufa.” It leads to darkness everywhere, but it is worth watching of the famous idol of Lord Shiva (sacred lord of the Hindus) and the cave itself because of the limestone linings in it. Hindu travelers visit this place from India and Asia. It is known as one of the best place to visit in Nepal.

6. Lumbini ” Birthplace Of Lord Buddha”

Located in the province number 5, a Buddhist pilgrimage site known as “Lumbini” , the birthplace of Buddha along with the Maya Devi temple. This place is the most famous places among the tourists’ attraction places in Nepal. It is known for it Ashokan pillar, the bodhi tree, the museum of Lumbini and its research institute.

7. The abstract Swayambhu Mandir

The Sawayambhu Mandir is one of the most popular and sacred shrines in Nepal. It is very popular by the name of monkey temple, and this temple further refers to many Hindu is famous for it the specific number of 365 step to reach the temple, the beautiful shrine and the Buddha statues that make this place worth visiting in Nepal. There are some charges for entrance at the main gate as well to enter the temple.

8. Thamel region – The Shopper’s Stop

 When you are looking for a good place for buying cloth and other necessary things like jewelry, then Thamel region will serve you the best. It is all open atmosphere shopping where you can enjoy a is famous for its pure quality silk, jewelry, jackets and Newari style designs.this is the best place for tourists to go shopping and have enjoyed in the streets of Thamel. The silk found here is pure in its form and you would never find such extraordinary silk in the world other than this

9. Bhaktapur – The ‘Terracotta’ Capital

Tourists like to shop from the places they visit. The best area in Nepal from where you can final most excellent handicraft products is the Bhaktapur area. It also has an exceptional quality clothing market but it is best known for its terracotta products and shiny, beautiful handicrafts and face wearing colorful masks, and this terracotta capital serves the best place for shopping in Nepal for tourists from all over the world.

10. Chitwan National Park – the natural home of wildlings

It is known to be the first national park in Nepal taken care of by UNESCO. It is known as the world’s heritage site in Nepal. The monsoon climate here makes this place perfect for the survival of wildlife, and it is famous for the jungle safari for tourist to visit and explore wildlife. The park is home to rhinoceros, freshwater dolphins, sloth bears, and many other animals.

The best places to visit in Nepal are the places where you can enjoy at an unlimited level. Once visit some of the above locations during your vacations, you will fall in love with these places.


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