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12 Best places to visit in Islamabad, Pakistan

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Islamabad is an amazing city of Pakistan. It is a rich green place and is the capital of Pakistan. The city is considered to be the world’s second best and excellent capital city. There are lots of delightful, splendid and worth visiting places in Islamabad. The city is also known as the “valley of mountains”. Islamabad is a lush green place that makes the place even more beautiful. There are lots of wonderful places where you can have fun in the capital city of Pakistan. Some of the best places to visit in Islamabad are as follows:

12 Best Places to Visit in Islamabad

1. Saidpur Village

If you plan to visit some nice places in the capital city of Pakistan, you must keep Saidpur Village Islamabad in your priority list. It is located in an old town that has been existing since the reign of the Mughals.

The place is beautifully developed and it has the remainders of various civic formations. It is one of the best places for photo shoots in Islamabad. The place is a perfect mixture of the accustomed culture and the present ways of spending life.

2. Rawal Lake

This lake flows down from the famous Margalla Hills of Islamabad. It is an attractive lake in the village near Islamabad named Malpur. There are beautiful gardens in the surrounding areas of the Rawal Lake.

These gardens are the major attractions for the people who love to go on picnics with their friends and family members. Motor boats and paddle boats are also great sources of enjoyment for most of the visitors.

3. Monal Restaurant

Monal Restaurant is one of the must visit places in Islamabad at night. It is situated in the park named Daman-e-Koh. The restaurant is beautifully built and managed by the owners.

Every night, no matter its weekend or a week day, hundreds of people are found there enjoying and having quality time with their families. The food served in the restaurant is also delicious and is offered at affordable prices.

4. Faisal Mosque

Failsal Mosque is known as Islamabad’s one of the great iconic structures. Foreigners coming from different countries of the world always love visiting this mosque.

The mosque can accommodate around 1.25 million people for worshiping. Faisal Mosque has been given a modern look. It is located near the Margalla Hills. The total surface area of Faisal Mosque is around 5,000 m/sq.

5. Islamabad Club

Islamabad Club is one of the most luxurious clubs of the city. The atmosphere of the club is just amazing. It is basically a hotel where you can stay, you can have food, you can swim or whatever you want to do for getting yourself relaxed.

You can also play tennis, go to the gym, read books, and have some delicious food. It is one of the elitist spots for hanging out for the foreign diplomats, and other government officials.

6. Shakar Parian

If you are looking for some places to visit in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, you should not forget Shakar Parian. It is located near the Zero Point in Islamabad.

The place is very delightful and magnificent; that is the reason lots of people keep visiting this place on and off. There is a nice environment for families as well.

7. Lok Virsa Museum

Lok Virsa Museum is one of the best places to visit in Islamabad. It is a historical center depicting the culture of Pakistan. It represents all the diverse ways of living and the lifestyles of the people of Pakistan.

The museum is managed and organized in a perfect way and nobody is allowed to bring any changes in any of the things depicting the cultural heritage of the country and it is strictly preserved.

8. Pakistan Monument

If you plan to visit both Lok Virsa Museum and the Pakistan Monument, you should visit both of them on the same day because they are really close to each other. Pakistan Monument has four petals and it is in the shape of a flower.

The four petals actually represent the four provinces of the country, i.e. Sindh, KPK, Baluchistan and Punjab. Along with the four main petals, there are also three of the smaller petals that represent the three major territories of Pakistan, i.e. Azad Kashmir, Tribal Areas of Pakistan and Gilgit-Baltistan.

9. Pakistan Museum of National History

Tis museum is located near Shakar Parian. Lots of verifiable things are found in the museum. A great number of history lovers visit the museum coming from different parts of the world.

These kinds of people love to have some data about Pakistan’s historical background. So if you are looking for places to visit and tourist attractions in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and you are a history lover, then you must not miss this place.

10. Margalla Hills, Islamabad

The mountain range of Margalla Hills is an amazing destination for the people who love adventures. These hills are basically a part of lesser Himalaya mountain ranges. The hiking trails are always a great attraction for young groups of boys and girls and for the families as well.

Mostly, students organize hike trips in these trails of Margalla Hills. The viewpoints and scenery of the place is wonderful. There are many restaurants in the surrounding areas of the hills where you can stay for a while, eat something good and get fresh.

11. Jinnah Supermarket

Jinnah Supermarket is one of the best markets of the city. The market is situated in the sector F7. There are all kinds of shops including garments, shoes, stalls of jewelry and food stalls.

You would find both the dhaba-style as well as the sophisticated restaurants in the market. Dhaba-style restaurants are the ones that are quite simple and mostly there are just chairs and tables kept outside the kitchen of their restaurant.

12. Centaurus Mall

The Centaurus Mall is one of the best malls of Pakistan. It is nicely built and the building has an incredible shape. Most of the famous brands that are preferred by most of the people in the country have their outlets in the mall. There is also a food court in the mall and above that, there are the luxury apartments in which you can also stay for as much time you want after getting them booked.

Some other top places to visit in Islamabad include the Safa Gold Mall, Peer Sohawa, Hogwarts’ café, restaurants in Kohsar market, Itwaar Bazar, Hot spot café, etc.

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