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In the Beijing, the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, the Longji rice terraces and ethereal Li River of Guilin, and Horses of Xian and Terracotta Warriors are among the best places to visit in China. In 2005, the country introduced various transit programs to make comfortable for the tourists to visit and explore the areas they like. Some of the best places to visit in China are:

Best Places to Visit in China

1. Beijing

The exuberant capital city of China is the Beijing. It contains almost six UNESCO World Sites, which include the Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty, the Summer Palace, the archaeological sites, the Zhoukoudian cave system and the Great Wall of China. A place necessary to visit in Beijing is Tiananmen Square. The travelers will see the Great Hall of the People, Tiananmen Tower, and many other monoliths. Nowadays,

2. Shanghai

The location of Shanghai is towards the East China Sea in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west. In the heart of the coastline of China, there is a seaport and a famous river that provides a relaxed approach to the backcountry.

Due to the presence of the river in the center, there are two areas of the city. On the east side, there is a modern area, Pudong, and the Huangpu River while on the west side, there is Puxi.

The town attracts many travelers towards itself to visit Yu Garden, People’s Square, the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Century Park, and Lujiazui.

3. Shenzhen

The charming coastal city which is almost 20 miles far from Hong Kong is the Shenzhen. It has its borders at the New Territory of Hong Kong to the south, Dapeng Bay to the east and Pearl River to the west.

It is one of the most renowned places in China. You can visit this place to see magnificent architecture, amusement centers, gorgeous landscape and pristine beaches.

There are several celebrations, festivals, and performances of various kinds to enjoy in this city.

4. Chengdu

Chengdu is the capital of Province Sichuan and located in the western Sichuan Basin. It is an ancient cultural city of about 3000 years old.

It is a quite attractive place for visitors because of its rich culture, local customs, and traditional crafts. There is a research center where most visitors come to see the pandas.

The place also displays multiple archaeological artifacts through its Jinsha Site Museum.

5. Chongqing

Chongqing is situated at the convergence of Jailing rivers and Yangtze. Yangtze River attracts the tourists to have a glimpse at the hanging coffins of Bellows Gorge, Chalk Wall, Hanging Monk Rock, the Meng Liang Stairway, and the giant Rhinoceros at the Moon.

There are almost 100,000 characters of Chinese and 50,000 statues in the Dazu Rock Carvings which are a place of attraction for the travelers.

6. Dalian

It is present along the Yellow Sea at the top of the Liaodong Peninsula. The seaside city contains urban green space, beautiful downtown, and peaceful beaches.

In the international festival of beer, the largest square in the city is the host, Xinghai Square. There is an exciting park in the in the town, Tiger Beach Ocean Park, which offers marine animal hall, polar museum, underwater experience and cold museum for the travelers to visit.

7. Guangzhou

For its subtropical blooms, it has another name as “Flower City.” The city is present in the southern gateway of the China to the Province of Guangdong.

Guangzhou has a history of 2,200 years old with the distinction of the start of the Maritime Silk Road. You can enjoy the beauty of this city from food to music along with the Chinese architecture.

8. Guilin

The desired destination for tourists from all over the world is Guilin. The Li River lies in between Yangshuo and Guilin, an exciting spot for the travelers to perform various activities.

Visitors can also have a glimpse at the beautiful Longji rice terraces, exhibiting different magic with every new season.

Several other destinations to visit in Guilin include the famous Elephant Trunk Hill, Dreaming Li River acrobatic show, and magnificently colorful Reed Flute Cave.

9. Hangzhou

The famous destination for travelers is Hangzhou, and it is a region of gardens, temples, pavilions, and arched bridges.

Here, the principal target is Broken Bridge, Pavilion of the Autumn Moon, West Lake, and many more. The place is worth visiting due to its lovely views of the river, the historic districts, and the Buddha statue.

The famous tea in the world, Longjing tea, is present here. The people come to visit this area must take a cup of this renowned tea.

10. Harbin

People love to enjoy multiple festivals in Harbin. The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival attracts millions of travelers from around the world.

There are numerous sports competitions in winter that are a source of entertainment and excitement for the tourists. The top three venues in Harbin are Zhaolin Park, Ice and Snow World, and Sun Island.

11. Huangshan City

One of the exciting places to visit in China is Huangshan. It is renowned for its beautiful beauty and tea culture. It has a rich history and possesses a natural landscape, and it also plays a vital role in support of Yellow Mountain.

You can also visit the other areas which involve the Huizhou Ancient City, the Tangyue Archways, Shexian County, and the Mukeng Bamboo Forest.

12. Lhasa

The fantastic capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region is the Lhasa. The location of the town in the South Central Segment of the district, on the north bank of the River Kyichu surrounded by a valley.

The city is among the best places to visit in China for its Tibet’s culture, the Holy Land or the Buddha Land and its politics. Potala Palace is the most renowned place, which represents the superior power of religion and politics.

13. Lijiang

It is the fantastic location for the tourists in the Province of Yunnan, known for its natural landscape, culture, crystal-clear streams and the mountains full of snow.

There is an old town district in Lijiang which is very popular due to its welcoming spirit residents (Naxi People), nightlife full of energy, and the ancient culture.

The old town district has listed by UNESCO as it regulates its cultural heritage, architecture, and original lifestyle.

14. Nanjing

The capital of the Province Jiangsu is Nanjing, located along the south bank of the river Yangtze. It is an enchanting place of destination including cultural heritage and rich history.

In the ancient times, Nanjing is accessible for being the Ten Dynasties, or the Capital City of Six, as it is the pivot of the memorials, museums, cultural and historical sights.

Other places to visit here are the Nanjing Museum, the iconic Confucius Temple, the Imperial Examination Museum of China, and the Former Residence of the Wang and Xie Families.

15. Qingdao

An elegant seaside city located in the Province of Shandong along the southeast region is Qingdao. Qingdao is the valuable port for multinational trade, and it contains the largest bathing beach of Asia.

It exhibits its fantastic architecture with both Japanese and European impacts due to the trading of that area. The multiple places to visit in Qingdao are Zhan Bridge; Eight Passes Villas, Mt. Laoshan, Golden Sand Beach, Underwater World and Lu Xun Park.

16. Sanya

At the southernmost pinnacle of the Hainan Province, there is Sanya which covers 750 square miles and approaches approximately 10 miles of coastline. It is an exporting city as well, and the travelers enjoy the climate of the tropical monsoon of the area.

Except for the summer season, when it is hot, Sanya provides a gentle warmth to the tourists in every season. There are several gold beaches in this place involving Asian Dragon Bay, Sanya Bay, and Dadonghai. In addition to these beaches, there are some aquatic adventures of the Wuzhizhou Island. The site is renowned for its rivers, mountains, amazing culinary delights, and culture.

17. Suzhou

The most ancient town situated close to the Taihu Lake in the Yangtze Basin is the Suzhou. It constitutes most of the area in Basin. The Shangai borders it to the east, Wuxi City on the west and the Yangtze is along the north.

The place is famous for its Grand Canal which is the intersection of several other canals. It is worth visiting because of its fantastic architecture and refined beauty.

It attracts various travelers to the city, the attractions in the city keep them motivated. The places to visit in Suzhou are the idyllic Frog Village, the Zijin Temple and the ancient village of Luxiang.

18. Tianjin

The meaning of Tianjin is the place where the emperor goes across the river. It confronts the Bohai Sea, and it is one of the four municipalities of China.

It is a port city which plays an essential role in the particular gateway to the sea and attracts tourists with the historical heritage and natural resources. Its extensive list of natural scenes, past events and attractions make it a perfect place for visiting.

The famous attractions of this place are Haihe River, Baxian Mountain, the Temple of the Queen of Heaven, Dagu Fort, and Dagu Fort. When you are visiting this place, don’t forget to visit the miniature of the Great Wall of China, the Huangyaguan Great Wall.

19. Wuhan

On the Jianghan Plain in central China, there is Wuhan. A river, the Hanjiang River crosses this area, merges with the Yangtze River. The Yangtze River causes a separation, “Three Towns of Wuhan,” with Hankou. Hankou on the west bank and Wuchang on the east bank.

Visitors find it a perfect destination due to its natural wonders, cultural and historical overviews. The top two cultural attractions of the city are the Hubei Provincial Museum and the Yellow Crane Tower.

20. Wuxi

The location of the Wuxi is on the northern bank of the Lake Tai, and it is the 3rd most substantial freshwater body in China. It is present on the southern border of the Province of Jiangsu. The city is known as the “Land of Rice and Fish,” as there is a market of rice before the 19th century and it is a port city.

Nowadays, it is present in the top cities in China. For the booming economy, it has the name of “Little Shanghai.” The various natural attractions of the place are the Huishan Mountain, the Sea of Bamboo, and the Second Spring.

21. Xiamen

The most sophisticated and island city in China is the Xiamen.  It constitutes a seaside promenade and European architecture. The places to visit in Xiamen are the Nanputuo Temple, Zengcuo’an, and the Island Ring Road.

People love to visit the Gulangyu Islet, a small island of almost 4,000 households. There is a rich heritage of the classical music, leafy promenades, and sand beaches.

22. Xian

The birthplace of the old Chinese civilization is Xian, situated in the middle of the northwest area in China. It plays a vital role as a history book, which records the significant alterations of the country and preserves the history of almost 3,000 years.

It is the destination of the eastern terminal of Silk Road. The city attracts the tourists to find out and wonders at the multitudes of historical sites and cultural relics, which includes Yangling Mausoleum, the Bell Tower, Huashan Mountain, and the City Wall.

23. Yunnan

Yunnan is in the southernmost province of China, which has the borders of the adjacent countries of Vietnam, Burma, and Laos. The place exhibits ethnic groups, landscapes, and natural sceneries, making it a diverse area for the travelers to traverse. It consists of the famous three parallel rivers, mountains, and valleys.

24. Zhangjiajie

The location of Zhangjiajie is in the west of the Province Hunan, consisting of precarious peaks, crystal-clear streams, dense forests, and expansive karst caves. It was the first national park in China in the 1980s.

It is an exciting spot for all the travelers to visit. The main places to visit are the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, Tianmen Mountains, and the national park.

25. Zhuhai

Zhuhai is present in the Province Guangdong at the southeastern point of the Pearl River Delta. It is renowned for its golf clubs, wondrous hot springs, exquisite dining opportunities and shopping boutiques. The main attraction of the place involves Pearl Island Amusement Park, the Fisher Girl Statue, Baiteng Lake, and Meixi Royal Stone Archways.

These are the best places to visit in China. Once you visit any of these places, you will love the natural beauty and landscapes of each site.

PS: More top destinations in China will be added soon.


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